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Bishal Dahal Senate RWA

I'm Ready, Willing and Able for the big change that we are going to bring. 

Everywhere I travel I have been telling that I come from the country of Mount Everest and birthplace of Buddha. Many Americans did not know about it. I feel myself so proud to spread the message of Peace. Let the world explore about Nepal more.

Professionally, I work in a commercial bank in Human Resources Department and socially I lead an NGO named Social Contributors into Action Network SCAN-Nepal (a nonprofit organization registered under Social Welfare Council) a movement that aims to increase civic participation, inspire peaceful discourse, and decrease social and cultural hegemony via online resources and social media. On the book ("Concept, Theory and Guiding Principles for Social Contributors") written by me, I have introduced Social Contributors as community leaders capable to make effective changes in the society. I have initiated various programs related to community development. I was always looking forward to sharpen my skills and build a greater network of committed people who have passion to be involved in social activities.

One day, I received a call from the US Embassy, Kathmandu about my selection for the International Visitors Leadership program. Neither had I applied nor had I requested anyone to make arrangements for my visit. When I received a request letter from the US ambassador to accept the invitation, i was very nervous as I had no previous travel experience and I never wanted to leave my country where I was born and lived a free and independent life. My Perspective about US was not good. For me, US was a land of people with racial discrimination and the foreign policies made by US were vested upon its benefit only. In order to acquire more skills and resources and to study the social development procedures in USA, I decided to visit USA.

The Journey began. Along with me were the visitors from Bangladesh, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. We visited four states which are Washington DC, Concord/ Manchester-New Hampshire, Sacramento and San Francisco- California, Austin- Texas. I had an opportunity to explore American Culture and tradition and the American way of living. It was a three week program. I had various appointments with civil society organization leaders.

My perspective about the United States has now changed. It is a land of opportunities. People from different multi cultural backgrounds have been able to live together. I did not find racial discrimination as I thought I, citizen of developing country, was treated by Americans with great respect. The program I had attended was funded from taxes paid by American Citizens and was a part of Foreign Policy of US. The Library of Congress accepted my request to register the book written by me in the library. I was given an opportunity to express my views and share the problems I had been facing in my country. My visit was very fruitful.

The outcomes of visit has made me capable to understand the role of civic education in promoting civil rights and responsibilities, ethics, tolerance, and citizenship in multicultural society; assess the roles of federal, state and local government in designing curricula and setting standards for civic education; examine the influence of national, state and local advocacy groups in shaping civic educational policy; learn volunteerism, service learning and community -school partnerships and I also got exposed to variety of new media and social networking tools that facilitate civic action and outreach.

Back to Nepal, I am designing a project selecting a territory (Budhanilkantha to Golphutar) and declare it as a town where shall have its civic government with re-defined political practices. There shall be Youth Parliament to regulate the administrative functions and make decisions. My team shall be developing a website (www.socialcontributors.org) that will provide public information. We shall write a new constitution for the town. We have a great network of human resources ready for the project. The time for completion of this project shall be three years starting from 2013. The new parliament shall be highly inclusive of different cultural and geographical backgrounds. Upon the success of this model in one territory, the same model shall be implemented at national level.

I'm Ready, Willing and Able for this big change that we are going to bring. Social Contributors have sacrificed their personal interests and desires to implement this project successfully.

Bishal Dahal

Founder of SCAN Nepal 

Young Advisor at Youth Foundation Nepal.

Picture of Bishal taken at the Senate House in California, December 2012. 
More details can be found in the book "Concept, Theory and Guiding Principles for Social Contributors" by Bishal Dahal.
More informations about Scan Nepal Organization : http://www.socialcontributors.org/

Ready, Willing and Able

« Youth is not a troublemaker. Youth is a change maker. »
says Juju Kaji, a Nepali social worker.
2012. At one difficult time of national history, Nepali people face new challenges every day.
And still, youth is in the game