The young radio journalist Durga Adhikari

durga adhikari RWA

Durga Adhikari is the Founder of Radio Safalta 103.4 , Pokhara Nepal. She is a 2013 Social Development Award Winner.

What is your personal experience of inequality and discrimination?

There are different types of inequality & discrimination between male & female in Nepal. There are different eyes to see the women in Nepal. I felt that I can do something for Women areas so I have established the FM Radio in Pokhara. After that there has come the positive change and increased the level of confidence in women. Ten years ago, when I enter in this profession, there was not my family support. Our society was also giving me the trouble that it is not good to do the works and walk outside for the Female person. But due to my work, there has come positive change in our society.

So now I am a daughter of our society which was initially blame me that she is talking and walking with male person. I am satisfied now from my works. They respect me. There are various types of challenges in the time of works. This is the first Radio of Nepal which is established by female. In our community, people don’t faith on women so initially they said that let’s see how many days /time she can run the radio? Her radios could be closed within 2 or 3 months. Due to that reason, I felt more responsibilities and continued my works. As a result, I have come here in this position now.

There cannot be done any work in Nepal without source and force. Here people are not judged by their capacity, knowledge, efficiency & honesty. People are judged through nepotism. I have been faced a lot of challenges from the begging of the establishment to the operation time of the Radio.

What are your personal goals?

My aim is not to earn the money/income from the radio but I think how to bring positive changes in our societies. Due to that reason, I give my priorities to the communities’ social activities than the political activities. I have been giving the priorities to the people who are not getting the access of information & communication.

durga adhikari rwa

How can other people support you in your work?

I can work in collaboration to exchange our experience & idea with you. Due to the advice, comments, suggestion and feedback from the persons like you, I get encouraged, motivated to go ahead and make positive changes in communities. How important is it to build confidence in women? Still, I have been working with those women who are as the age of my Mother in Pokhara for the building of their own confidence.

Many women are illiterate in this developing nation-Nepal. But the women have been doing social activities knowingly and unknowingly for the benefit of Society. In Nepal there are many women groups by where they have been doing confidence campaigns like this. If we do start a program like entrepreneurship development then automatically the women violence will decrease.

How can radio be used to empower women?

I have been empowering women via Radio in a western Nepal. When they come into the radio then gradually their art of speaking increases slowly it is also own empowerment. By radio series we are able to develop their own ability it is own progress of our radio.

What is your vision for women's literacy?

I would love to start an informal literacy program for women in Pokhara. Let's see where I will reach.

What is your vision for women's security?

For the sustainable women development, we can do other project like women security program. I hope you also heard about women violence in Nepal, that's why we can do such program which will decrease the women violence. This will have a long term impact.

What is the impact of violence on women?

Many women commit suicide due to violence. It is a big problem in Nepal. Here I would like to share one of my experience- One of my journalist friend has got rape three years ago but many times she tried to get a law and order but not able. Society had looked her as negative women now a day she is outside of Nepal. I also supported her to get out from this cause but people also shown me from same eye so we need to so some media awareness program. I have a great desire to work for the rights of those women to prevent such problems.

durga adhikari RWA

Does education play an important part in social change?

Yes, I think only education can transform the people from one generation to other generation. Through education, they will get knowledge & skills. They can change their habits, thinking style as well as working style. I think Innovative and popular, women can also move the world. They can offer leadership training for the community women and sisters to help them empowerment, violence against women, avoid alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and other social problems.

How can the voices of women from other countries support Nepali women?

Of course the voice of inspirational Nepali women will be influential, but our sisters and mothers believe more and more on the voice of women from other cultures as well. They feel some new experience of understanding as well as they also listen to them. So I like to involve/engage the foreign personalities (Foreign women) as well in this work.

Interview made by Alan Palmer

Founding Director of Asia Pacific Partners in Education.

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