Youth Foundation Nepal is RWA !


Sunil KC is co-producer on RWA Project.

He is the Founder of Youth Foundation Nepal, a Nepali NGO promoting Youth Empowerment.

In 2009, Sunil founded the Youth Foundation Nepal Organization (YFN) aiming to establish Sustainability Peace and Development in Nepal by connecting together young leaders all around the globe. He is also currently the Vice-President at the Nepal Youth Awareness (NYA).

Between 2009 and 2011, he visited more than 16 countries as a young representative of Nepal in different universities and in philanthropic organizations. He visited the USA, Switzerland, Nigeria, Canada, Ghana, Sierra Leone and made lectures about his activities and achievements. He also worked as a youth consultant for various organizations for West Africa and South Africa.

Since he came back from the USA, he has devoted his time to the Nepali youth, willing to extend Nepali relationships abroad and to increase understanding and communication between developped states and emerging countries. He has brought grassroots Nepali Youth into national and global mainstreams through his various works with YFN.

He has created and organized the first "Social Development Awards" that promote foreigners living in Nepal who have been doing well for the social development of Nepal.

He is also associated with the International Youth Congress (USA), Peace Alliance (USA) and Inter Nations (UK). Sunil KC is now carrying his own research so as to establish the first International Affairs College of Nepal. The College is called "The School For Globe" and is monitored with the help and support of Sunil's International Academic Network. The project will be launched in 2018.

Youth Foundation Nepal Website: www.youthfoundationnepal.org

Ready, Willing and Able

« Youth is not a troublemaker. Youth is a change maker. »
says Juju Kaji, a Nepali social worker.
2012. At one difficult time of national history, Nepali people face new challenges every day.
And still, youth is in the game