Laure Gadrat

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Laure Gadrat is a French Swiss Freelance Reporter. She is a graduate of IRIS, an International Relations Institute in Paris. 


Laure started the project “RWA” after completing her job as a youth coordinator at UNICEF in Paris. In January 2012, she flew to Nepal. 


Sunil KC and her met in March 2012 in Kathmandu and they together started to think of a documentary with the association of Youth Foundation Nepal. 


They have together managed with few financial and material supports to record more than 20 interviews all over Nepal.


She came back to Kathmandu in 2013 with a professional cameraman, Olivier Alvear, to continue the project after an international crowfunding collect. 


She has completed the edition of her first documentary with the contribution of Amelie Bussy, professional editor. In 2015, Laure is living in Bordeaux, France. 





Ready, Willing and Able

« Youth is not a troublemaker. Youth is a change maker. »
says Juju Kaji, a Nepali social worker.
2012. At one difficult time of national history, Nepali people face new challenges every day.
And still, youth is in the game